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Still preparing time card data manually for payroll?

There is an easier way!

With automated timekeeping, preparing time card data for payroll is a matter of a few clicks! Whether it’s a convenience of gathering punch data in a fraction of the time or simply minimizing the cost of human error, with automated timekeeping submitting payroll doesn’t get much easier!

Key Features

·       Employee Self-Service (ESS)

·       Supervisor Approvals & Logins

·       Edit multiple cards simultaneously 

·       Holiday tracking

·       Job code, department, location, shift tracking

·       Daily Auto E-mail report

·       Custom tracking for tips, bonuses, commissions, pay rates, etc.

·       Custom pay types/categories

·       Automate overtime calculation & tracking

·       Sort and filter reports

·       Punch data collection—clock in via web portal, proximity cards or key fobs, swipe cards, biometric scan, PIN entry

·       Ethernet, analog or cellular connectivity

Why Choose Our Solution?

Our solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind. We specialize in simplifying automated timekeeping for employers, supervisors and employees.

·       Save on cost

·       Plug-and-play hardware

·       Exceptionally easy to use

·       Easy 1-2-3 interface

·       Go live in days, not weeks

·       Get trained in minutes

·       Practical timekeeping solution

·       Streamline timekeeping and payroll

·       Warranty on hardware

Optimize the performance of your managers, employees and company.

To learn more about our Time & Attendance Solution please contact us to schedule a demo of this powerful service. 

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